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My wishes for the upcoming Fujifilm X-Pro4

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2023 10:55 pm
by fips
After selling my X-H2s, which was undoubtedly a great camera from a technical point of view, but boring and cumbersome at the same time. I'm sticking with my X-E4 for now. There are only 2 cameras in the future Fujifilm's lineup that I'm interested in: X-E5 and X-Pro4.

Here is what I think we will get in the X-Pro4:
  • IBIS.
  • 40 MP sensor (the one found in X-T5 and X-H2).
  • The new NP-W235 battery.
  • and, I'm afraid that's about it...
What I wish we would at least get:
  • IBIS for sure, no excuses, even my beloved Ricoh GR III has a pretty good one, in such a small package.
  • The 26 MP stacked sensor of the X-H2s, for quiet and fast shooting without rolling shutter (jello) effect and bending under artificial light. Or give us the 40 MP sensor but only together with a really quiet mechanical shutter, or maybe some leaf shutter lenses (XF18, XF23) to get around the shutter noise, and give us high-speed flash sync?
  • Two-axis tilting rear screen (like the one on the X-T5), definitely not a flippy screen, I hate them. I really can't understand why the new photocentric cameras like the Nikon Zf, Sony A7C II and A7CR have a flippy screen, this is a serious drawback, and actually was one of the reasons to sell my X-H2s.
  • Overall smaller body, I wouldn't mind seeing the X-T5 and X-Pro4 merged into one small premium camera.
  • Either vastly improved autofocus (even compared to X-H2s), and/or improved manual/zone focus capabilities and aids, among other things to overcome the limitations of focus by wire lenses without hard stops. I would really appreciate it if we could control the focus distance directly from the camera, considering everything is already controlled by wire anyways.
  • Instant camera start-up (in less than 1 second) and overall quick operation without any lag to give us back the analog feel. Fujifilm is actually not that bad in this respect compared to other brands, even Leicas.