Do I want a viewfinder or tilting screen in the next Ricoh GR?

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Do I want a viewfinder or tilting screen in the next Ricoh GR?

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I start to think that heaving either a viewfinder or a tilting screen in the next Ricoh GR IV? would ruin the GR experience for me. Let me explain, I use my GR III mostly as an extension of my hand, I don't have to think twice before snapping a picture. In my mind, there's only one way to compose a picture, and that is to extend my hand and snap. This allows me to focus solely on the moment and be quick and nimble with the camera.

Ironically, the GR's somewhat slower autofocus reinforces my belief, as I simply hate using the GR's AF for quick snaps, and much rather prefer using zone-focus anyways, which cannot be beaten in speed by any AF system no matter how good it is. In fact, completely removing AF from the process of taking a picture makes the whole experience quite liberating, there's no need to fiddle with AF points nor rely on automatic subject detection, and stuff like that.

Also, being able to move the camera around freely rather than being forced into a fixed point of view is something I've really come to appreciate. In fact, it almost feels like you can alter the focal length a bit, which is something that I miss with my larger cameras when composing through a 28mm lens through a viewfinder or from the hip.

Checkout out my photo gallery, and specifically a growing collection of pictures taken with Ricoh GR III, sorry I'm quite behind with releasing my pictures.