How to enter data into the program?

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How to enter data into the program?

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That's part of an email conversation with Bob C. I had yesterday, you might find it useful:

I appreciate that you have taken the time and trouble to write, and make available free your vocabulary builder program pfQuizzz.
I would really like to use it to learn Spanish Vocabulary but I can not figure out how to enter data into the program. How do I create, and save, a data file? What I really need is simple instructions.

Thank you
Bob C.

Hi Bob,

First, I'm glad that you decided to give pfQuizzz a try. I'm sorry for the lack of information about how to use it. I haven't managed to write a proper user manual yet.

I'll try to instruct you how to create a new lesson and fill it with some vocabulary.

Let's say you want to create a new lesson with the title "Spanish Numbers" and fill it with the following three words:

one => uno
two => dos
three => tres

The steps below should be taken to accomplish the task:

(1) Start pfQuizzz

(2) Go to the top menu and select: File / New a small window with the title "Create a new file:" should appear...

(3) Enter the title of your lesson, here: "Spanish Numbers" and hit OK a new lesson has been created, it should appear in the list of data files like this: "Spanish Numbers (0)"...

(4) Go to the top menu and select: File / Edit the standard Windows text editor has been launched...

(5) Enter your vocabulary (use the \ symbol as the separator):

one \ uno
two \ dos
three \ tres

(6) Close the editor and confirm that you want to save the file. the lesson should be ready to use: "Spanish Numbers (3)"...

Hope it helps. If you have any troubles, please let me know. If you don't mind I'll include your question and my answer in the pfQuizzz Community Forum in order to help other people dealing with the same problem.