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Checking out CppCon 2019 videos

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Checking out CppCon 2019 videos

Postby fips on Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:10 pm

Although I'm not closely following the development of C++ any more, it's still worth checking out some of the videos from the latest CppCon. People like Sean Parent and Andrei Alexandrescu always shine in their talks and provide relevant info, moreover their presentations are not that much C++ related anyways. Highly recommended!

And finally, Chandler Carruth makes it clear that there are no zero-cost abstractions in C++, contrary to the popular opinion among many C++ folks. Even something as trivial as std::unique_ptr has its cost (watch below around 17:30). Fixing this overhead by adding noexcept and potentially introducing destructive move semantics to C++ sounds a bit Rusty to me.

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Checking out CppCon 2019 videos



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