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C++0x / C++11 - Online resources

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Here's a bunch of C++0x/11 online resources that I've collected recently. It would be nice to have here all the various materials that I came across in the past but I hadn't managed to make a proper list early. So this is an attempt to fix my failure... The list will hopefully grow soon:

● C++11 (wikipedia.org)
● C++11 - the recently approved new ISO C++ standard (att.com, Bjarne Stroustrup)
● Elements of Modern C++ Style (herbsutter.com, Herb Sutter)
● Summary of C++11 Feature Availability in gcc and MSVC (aristeia.com, Scott Meyers)
● Bjarne Stroustrup's Video Lecture on C++0x Standard (csclub.uwaterloo.ca)
● Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup (bigthink.com, video)

C++11 – A Glance (codeproject.com, Lakamraju Raghuram):
● Part 1
● Part 2

C++11 Concurrency Series (corensic.com, Bartosz Milewski, audio slides):
● Part 1: Fork/Join
● Part 2: Passing Arguments to Threads
● Part 3: Sharing Data Between Threads
● Part 4: Futures and Promises
● Part 5: Tasks
● Part 6: MapReduce
● Part 7: Mutexes, Locks, and Monitors
● Part 8: Data Races
● Part 9: Condition Variables

Multithreading in C++0x (justsoftwaresolutions.co.uk, Anthony Williams):
● Part 1: Starting Threads
● Part 2: Starting Threads with Function Objects and Arguments
● Part 3: Starting Threads with Member Functions and Reference Arguments
● Part 4: Protecting Shared Data
● Part 5: Flexible locking with std::unique_lock<>
● Part 6: Lazy initialization and double-checked locking with atomics
● Part 7: Locking multiple mutexes without deadlock
● Part 8: Futures, Promises and Asynchronous Function Calls

Channel 9 Videos (msdn.com):
● Writing modern C++ code: how C++ has evolved over the years (Herb Sutter)
● Scott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter: C++ and Beyond

● C++ Concurrency in Action: Practical Multithreading (amazon.com, Anthony Williams)
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C++0x / C++11 - Online resources, cont.

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GoingNative 2012 (Channel 9 Videos, msdn.com):

Day 1:
● Day 1 Keynote - Bjarne Stroustrup: C++11 Style
● Threads and Shared Variables in C++11 (Hans Boehm)
● STL11: Magic && Secrets (Stephan T. Lavavej)
● Variadic Templates are Funadic (Andrei Alexandrescu)
● Interactive Panel: The Importance of Being Native

Day 2:
● Day 2 Keynote - Herb Sutter: C++11, VC++11 and Beyond
● Clang: Defending C++ from Murphy's Million Monkeys (Chandler Carruth)
● Static If I Had a Hammer (Andrei Alexandrescu)
● A Concept Design for C++ (Bjarne Stroustrup, Andrew Sutton)
● Interactive Panel: Ask Us Anything!

C++ and Beyond 2012:
● On Static If, C++11 in 2012... (Alexandrescu, Meyers, Sutter)
● Ask Us Anything (Alexandrescu, Meyers, Sutter)
● Universal References in C++11 (Scott Meyers)
● Systematic Error Handling in C++ (Andrei Alexandrescu)
● You don't know... (Herb Sutter)
● Convincing your Colleagues (Alexandrescu, Meyers, Sutter)
● Concurrency and Parallelism (Herb Sutter)

● Facebook NYC Tech Talk: Three Optimization Tips for C++ (Andrei Alexandrescu )

Core C++ (Stephan T. Lavavej):
● Part1 - STL focuses on Name Lookup
● Part2 - Template Argument Deduction
● Part3 - Overload Resolution
● Part4 - Virtual Functions
● Part5 - Explicit and Partial Specialization of class and function templates
● Part6 - C++11 features that were just added to the Visual C++ compiler
● Part7 - Usual Arithmetic Conversions
● Part8 - do-while loop, casts, one definition rule
● Part9 - lambdas and other expressions

● C++11 The Future is Here (Bjarne Stroustrup)

GoingNative 2013 (Channel 9 Videos, msdn.com):

Day 1:
● The Essence of C++, C++84, C++98, C++11, and C++14 (Bjarne Stroustrup)
● C++ Seasoning (Sean Parent)
● Writing Quick Code in C++, Quickly (Andrei Alexandrescu)
● Don’t Help the Compiler (Stephan T. Lavavej)
● Compiler++ (Jim Radigan)

Day 2:
● Keynote: Herb Sutter - One C++
● An Effective C++11/14 Sampler (Scott Meyers)
● C++14: Through the Looking Glass (Michael Wong)
● The Care and Feeding of C++’s Dragons (Chandler Carruth)
● Interactive Panel: Ask Us Anything

Day 3:
● C++ and the Windows Runtime (Aleš Holeček)
● Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Threading (Elliot H. Omiya, EHO)
● The Way of the Exploding Tuple (Andrei Alexandrescu)
● Herb's UI Challenge
● Bringing await to C++ (Deon Brewis)
● A C++ REST SDK (Niklas Gustafsson)
● rand() Considered Harmful (Stephan T. Lavavej)
● Q&A Panel
● Compiler Confidential (Eric Brumer)
● Find-Build-Share-Use: Using NuGet for C and C++ Libraries (Garrett Serack)
● Inheritance Is The Base Class of Evil (Sean Parent)
● My Favorite C++ 10-Liner (Herb Sutter)

Lang.NEXT 2014 (Channel 9 Videos, msdn.com):

● What – if anything – have we learned from C++? (Bjarne Stroustrup)
● Panel: Systems Programming in 2014 and Beyond

C++Now 2014:
● C++14: Through the Looking Glass (Michael Wong)
● Value Semantics and Range Algorithms - Composability and Efficiency (Chandler Carruth)
● Coroutines, Fibers and Threads, Oh My (Nat Goodspeed)
● Beware of C++ (Nicolai Josuttus)
● Preparing the C++11 Library AFIO for Boost Peer Review (Paul Kirth)
● Generic programming of Generic Spaces: Compile-Time Geometric Algebra with C++11 (Pablo Colapinto)
● Removing Undefined behavior from integer operations: The bounded::integer library (David Stone)
● ConceptClang: Theoretical Advances with Full C++ Concepts (Larisse Voufo)
● Axiomatic Programming: From Euclidean Deductions to C++ Templates and Beyond (Gabriel Dos Reis)
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