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QuakeCon 2011 - John Carmack's keynote

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:20 pm
by fips
There’re really some interesting points in the talk, mainly regarding the importance of the static code analysis and issues with interpreted languages and scripting in general. "Script interpreters are bad!, from performance / debugging / development perspective. We don't want people that are not really programmers programming, you will suffer for it!”. “Performance still matters, but even more than the performance, I’m looking for stronger guarantees on code quality.”, which is something that only strong code analysis can provide. He also mentions that he’s tempted to move towards functional languages, but it’s not a viable option in the game industry, a C/C++ dialect seems to be the way to go. “I write all of my new code in a pseudo functional style.” There’s so much to think about...

QuakeCon 2011 - John Carmack Keynote (YouTube):

QuakeCon 2011 - John Carmack Keynote Q&A (YouTube):