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CppCon 2015 videos, part 3

PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:29 pm
by fips
CppCon 2015: Marshall Clow "string_view" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Patrik Huber "3D Face Tracking and Reconstruction using Modern C++" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Michael VanLoon "STL Algorithms in Action" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: John Lakos "Value Semantics: It ain't about the syntax!, Part I" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: T. Winters & H. Wright "All Your Tests are Terrible..." (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Robert Ramey "Boost Units Library for Correct Code" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: John Lakos "Value Semantics: It ain't about the syntax!, Part II" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Moderator: Chandler Carruth "Technical Specifications & C++17" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Jason Turner "The Current State of (free) Static Analysis" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Gor Nishanov "C++ Coroutines - a negative overhead abstraction" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Ábel Sinkovics "Compile-time tools supporting generic programming in C++" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Fedor Pikus "The Unexceptional Exceptions" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente "Transducers: from Clojure to C++" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Neil MacIntosh "Static Analysis and C++: More Than Lint" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Michael Caisse "Boostache Exposed : the internals of Boost's template engine" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Pedro Ramalhete "How to make your data structures wait-free for reads" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Sumant Tambe "Reactive Stream Processing in Industrial IoT using DDS and Rx.cpp" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Jens Weller "An Overview on Encryption in C++" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Viktor Korsun "Enhancing STL containers" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Michał Dominiak "Applying functional programming in code design" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015:Marshall Clow "Type Traits - what are they and why should I use them?" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Neil MacIntosh "Evolving array_view and string_view for safe C++ code" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Jacob Potter & Andrew Twyman "Bridging Languages Cross-Platform..." (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Peter Sommerlad "Variable Templates and Compile-Time Computation with C++14" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Andrei Alexandrescu "Declarative Control Flow" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Brett Hall "Transactional Memory in Practice" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach "Benchmarking C++ Code" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Michał Dominiak "Functional programming: functors and monads" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Rachel Cheng & Michael VanLoon "Evolving Legacy Code" (YouTube):

CppCon 2015: Gabriel Dos Reis "Contracts for Dependable C++" (YouTube):