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A few thoughts on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and others

PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:51 pm
by fips
It all started by emails, when individuals could reach each other directly in a decentralized way - COOL!. Then ICQ, Skype and others came offering an improved experience in exchange for a bunch of ADs - STILL COOL!?!. Then all those Web 2.0 services came, most of them offering no real innovation compared to the possibilities of applications running directly on client machines, or dedicated and fine-tuned Web applications like e.g. Forums. So what was the outcome of this transition? The answer seems to be clear: Poor services and users concentrated on Facebook-like sites brainwashed by advertisement (Web 2.0 made the task really easy!) - NOT COOL AT ALL!. I would only stand up for Youtube-like sites that brought real innovation (offered a unique service, not a poor copy of an old concept).