Leica M11 / M11-P waiting for a firmware update in 2024

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Leica M11 / M11-P waiting for a firmware update in 2024

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Long before I decided to buy a Leica M camera, I was aware of all the glitches and bugs reported by current M11 owners. This made me wait even longer and postpone my buying decision until the M11-P was released.

I somehow expected the M11-P to be just a polished version of the M11, but unfortunately that wasn't quite the case. After just a few days of using my brand new M11-P, I began to experience some of the problems first hand, despite having the latest firmware version (2.0.2), trying to remove the SD card and just use the internal storage, not changing the lenses, not using the mobile app, etc. The camera still freezes from time to time to this day, and it seems there are definitely multiple causes for this.

A new version of the M11 and M11-P firmware is promised for this month, so let's hope that will solve most of the problems. I can tolerate a rare freeze, once or twice a year, but not multiple freezes on a daily basis. This is what makes the current M stand out from almost every other camera brand on the market. Hopefully there is no fundamental hardware problem shared by the M11 and M11-P, and all the issues can be solved in software.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my Leica M11-P and I hope to be able to use it to its full potential soon.
In the meantime, you can checkout out my photo gallery, and especially the growing collection of pictures taken with my Leica M11-P.

Update (May 23, 2024): A new firmware 2.1.1 has been just released!, with the below fixes:
• Camera did not start if the start process was previously interrupted by switching off the camera.
• Occasional generation of incorrect image data has been fixed.
• Various errors and causes of freezes have been fixed.
• Improving the stability of the firmware.

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