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My Ricoh GR III settings (with the firmware 1.60)

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My Ricoh GR III settings (with the firmware 1.60)

Postby fips on Thu Jul 28, 2022 9:35 pm

The Ricoh GR III firmware update version 1.60 brought a couple of great new features. Besides "Snap Distance Priority Mode", which I'll talk about later, I've just noticed that there's also the new option "Enable AF" under "Shutter Button Setting", which is described as:

"Enable AF" has been added to the Shutter Button Setting. It is now possible, when the shutter button is pressed halfway, only the AF is locked without locking the AE. /source/

This is something I was deeply missing in my street photography shooting, when I was sometimes overexposing photos because of half-pressing too early while still pointing the camera downwards thus locking a wrong exposure of a darker area. This new option is a huge relief!

I'll post all my settings here later.
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My Ricoh GR III settings (with the firmware 1.60)



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