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Welcome to the General Discussion!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:28 am
by FipS
This forum is dedicated mainly to the topics you might find around (Coding, Photography, Videography, Computer Graphics, Game Development, Hardware Hacking, etc.), it also serves as my personal Blog. Posting here is the easiest way to express various ideas and notes that come to my mind. I feel no need for dedicated Blogs, Wordpresses, etc. Moreover, I like the idea of having all the conversations on a single place. That's why I prefer forums to other alternatives. Feel free to start your own discussion if you wish.

In order to post messages here, you have to become a member of the forums. Please understand that this is important to prevent spam. The membership is free and the registration takes only about 30 seconds to complete. Just click on the link above that says "Register", and then follow the instructions.

Update: Due to an increasing number of spambots, the forum registration has been temporarily suspended. If you wish to register, please contact me directly.